Become a Campus Ambassador

Think you have what it takes to be a leader?

Here is your chance to leave your mark. Be a part of prestigious position made available to select few who aspire to become the next change maker.

Why Campus Ambassador?

We do not hunt for pre-cooked good leaders instead we recognize the ones who aspire to become one. Work remotely with Marketing experts from TheGlobalScholarship, improve your network and nurture your interpersonal skills. You will become the bridge between TheGlobalScholarship's students striving to learn & earn. If you don’t want to help your peers with some cool scholarships - then we are not looking for you.


TheGlobalScholarship is growing at a very fast pace creating lot of schoarship opportunities for students all across India. Do not just Join us - Grow with us.


Learning & earning should go hand in hand. Keeping this in mind, we take care of your holistic growth as an individual while adding incredible corporate experience to your resume. Get hands-on experience on online as well as offline marketing activities.

Internship with Scholarship

Become the one, everyone can count on. You will be the one-stop solution for the scholarship needs of all your friends and college mates.


Apart from massive stipend, certificate of excellence and a letter of recommendation, get a life-time privilege for guidance from the Corporate Experts. Not to mention, credit yourself as a campus ambassador for TheGlobalScholarship in your resume, LinkedIn profile, blogs, personal pages etc

Responsibilities of a

Campus Ambassador

As a Campus Ambassador, you would be promoting the internship assigned to you among the students of your college through various online & offline channels available to you.


1. Branding

Creating brand awareness about TheGlobalScholarship in your place, college and online community through social media, various social groups, and social gatherings.


2. Registration

Get a large number of students to sign up on the TheGlobalScholarship website via provided link.


3. Social Media

Extensively promote the assigned scholarship in your campus via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram etc.


4. Email

Circulate the scholarship mail to your student mailing list within 3 days of receiving the mailer.


5. Poster

Put up the posters of the TheGlobalScholarship on the student notice board, college mess or canteen of your college within 4 days of receiving it.


6. Networking

Help us connect with important stakeholders of your College (Example - College President, Cultural secretary , General secretary , Club heads, Head of major student groups of your campus).


7. Innovate

Come up with ideas of collaboration between TheGlobalScholarship & your college. Lead the same from planning to implementation, post approval from your manager. Post successful execution, wait for the reward you couldn’t have dreamt of.



Minimum no.of Registration Stipend (in Rs.) Rewards
100 3,000(On reaching 100 registration in 10 days) Certificate of Internship
500 15,000(On reaching 500 registration in 1 month) Certificate of Excellence +
1000 30,000(On reaching 1000 registration in 2 months) Letter of Recommendation +
Note: Extra rewards like Goodies,T-Shirts etc can also be availed.


Earn upto Rs 3,000 in 10 days, on reaching 100 registration.

Exciting goodies, t-shirts & exclusive prizes for top 5 campus ambassadors

Campus ambassadors who do exceptionally well, get a chance for a full time paid internship with TheGlobalScholarship

Credit yourself as a campus ambassador for TheGlobalScholarship in your resume, LinkedIn profile, blogs, personal pages etc.


3 Golden Rules - don’t lie , don’t cheat & don’t give up.

You will be disqualified, if


Any application is found to be fake or invalid.

Too slow

You are unable to bring a minimum 15 internship applications in first 3 days.


It was found that you have applied on someone else's behalf.


It was found that you forced or convinced someone to apply for internship who was not interested.

*If disqualified, you will neither be eligible for Certificate nor the Stipend.