Bhaskar Siddhesh Sanjay
INR 2,500/month
Sitaram Jindal Scholarship Winner

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to The Global Scholarship.org for their invaluable Assistance in helping me secure a scholarship.
Their unwavering support & Guidance throughout the application process is instrumental in turning my dreams into reality.
I am truly grateful for their commitment to promoting education & providing opportunities to Students around the world.
Thanks to their efforts, I am now able to pursue my academic aspiration & unlock a future.

Khanpara Grecy
INR 2 Lakhs
Reliance Foundation Scholarship Winner

Hey I'm KHANPARA GRECY and I want to thank you because! I got reliance foundation scholarship and it's only because you The global scholarship I'm able to know about the scholarship and again thank you very much.
Thanks you are the reason for my happiness!!!

Hazaratbilal Khalifa
INR 25,000
Danish Scholarship Winner

I applied Danish trust scholarship through THE GLOBAL SCHOLARSHIP and then received it. First I thought that this is fake and global scholarship site is also fake.. But when I received call from Danish trust I really believed it.
I genuinely received funds from Danish trust... And it is only possible through THE GLOBAL SCHOLARSHIP.ORG portal.
Thanks to the entire GLOBAL SCHOLARSHIP team.

Aaliya Balabatti
NSDL Scholarship Winner

My name is AALIYA BALABATTI I’m from KARNATAKA. So The Global Scholarship was a Great opportunity I took, I was guided by my college to apply.
And I got so many scholarships options and one can easily take and apply for it. So basically this scholarship not only provide just some amount to the students But they also have provide some great information related to individual interest and talent.
I personally was eligible for so many scholarships so it's a great opportunity for a student to apply and explore more it.

Shiva Sai
INR 2 Lakhs
Reliance Foundation Scholarship Winner

Dear Global Scholarship,
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for notifying me about the Reliance Foundation Scholarship. Your efforts in bringing this opportunity to my attention are deeply appreciated.
The chance to apply for this prestigious scholarship has the potential to transform my educational journey and future prospects. Your support and recognition mean the world to me,
and I am truly grateful for your dedication in assisting students like me.
Thank you for making a significant difference in my life.

Saikiran Bavge
INR 2 Lakhs
Reliance Foundation Scholarship

Thank you very much for the Application Process Videos that you have shared on YouTube and because of it, I have been able to apply Independently and got selected for “Reliance Undergraduate Scholarship Program”
TheGlobalScholarship.org is a very good platform which creates awareness regarding education and scholarships for all categories of students.
This platform has helped me to know about the Reliance Foundation Scholarship Exam in which I have been selected.
Thank you to whole team

Pramod Prajapat

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for the scholarship that I received from The Global Scholarship website. I saw the scholarship details on your website and I was immediately interested. I applied for the scholarship and I was thrilled to be select

Harsh Vardhan
INR 30,000/month
Fellowship Winner

I have applied for this Fellowship and thanks for the global scholarship for sharing all kinds of fellowship to us.

INR 2 Lakhs
Reliance Scholarship Winner

Hey , Myself Sumitkumar and I am a B-tech second year student and I grabbed the reliance foundation scholarship worth 2,00,000/. Thank you The Global Scholarship for the information.

Jay Thakur
INR 2 Lakhs

Because of your support only I won this scholarship

INR 2 Lakhs
Reliance Foundation Scholarship Winner

Great way of giving students opportunities to learn more!
Not even financial issues can stop them due to you guys!

Sumit Yadav
INR 2 Lakhs
Reliance Foundation Scholarship Winner

I am selected for Reliance Foundation Scholarship Thank you so much for giving information for scholarship.